G0LGJ/M HF mobile operation
212 Countries worked 207 confirmed all Mobile op. 4.11.10    207 Confirmed !!!!

URGENT URGENT 4th Nov 2010 please be aware I have no Western Union Account and do not accept payment for goods via Western Union. My Callsign and address are being used as part of a scam with a email address of markg0ljg.gmail.com THIS IS NOT ME please note the slight difference in the callsign.  My address is correct from QRZ.com but please email me direct  do not use above email address.
73 de Mark G0LGJ

Hi and welcome to my web page. My name is Mark and I have been licensed since 1985 initially as G1PIZ and now as G0LGJ.
My main interest as you can see is HF mobile operation. My employment is as a Strategic Support Engineer in the Enterprise Computer
 arena so I get to do lot of driving in between jobs. Tried various radios and antennas, firstly a FT707 followed by a IC706 Mk1, FT100 and currently a TS480SAT. Antenna wise started with a Kenwood MH5 ? huge antenna needed guys to keep it on the car !! moved to mono band Pro Ams worked a lot of my Country scores with these babies ! Moved to a Outbacker type antenna but still had to get out the car !! Currently on a DK3 Screwdriver the original antenna from Don Johnson, Visited Don while I was in the states WOW what a guy, if you are serious about HF mobile take a look at his book well worth a read. It can be found at http://www.hamradiotoys.com/ along with his DK3 antenna.
Home operation mainly 2M, 70Cm, APRS, Packet and 23CM ATV. Active member of the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club , GB3NB 2M repeater and GB3AH 70cm Repeater information on LHS.
If you have got to this URL from my QSL card check out the logbook  the Log search, Applet supplied by G4ZFE (last update 25/03/06), have a look at the mobile page to see the setup.  New install pictures to follow. All time score increased !! 2 new country's this year.
I am the RSGB DRM for Suffolk, so I live in Norfolk someone has got to do it ! Please Support the RSGB we need your support click to the RSGB website and join up so please contact me for any issues you may have. Check this RSGB section on this site to see what is happening in Suffolk, and not Forgetting Norfolk check out the the following club pages www.norfolkamateurradio.org, www.bittern-dxers.org.uk, www.klarc.org.uk, ,http://www.northnorfolk.org/nnarg
Also running MB7UNR 24x7 APRS node, echolink node GB3AH-R when at home linked to local 70cm repeater GB3AH
Also  joined http://www.cdxc.org.uk 73 de Mark G0LGJ.

AX25 DX Cluster returning to Norfolk soon contact Roger G3LDI for more information. Also do not forget his packet node and sat gateway. 144.850Mhz. Remember you do not need a TNC check links section (software) for info on using your Soundcard for packet use
Live in Norfolk ? join the NARC net 145.525 (S21) Monday night's, come along to the club see website for details http://www.norfolkamateurradio.org  

0 New countries for 2008 

Awaiting QSL's is your Callsign here !

HF Mobile Op Country Score's 25.01.2008

Year Total Running Total Confirmed
1998 - 2001 102 105 81
2002 146 165 146
2003 119 182 166
2004 107 188 176
2005 113 200 189
2006 76 202 194
2007 78 SSB / 15 RTTY 207 200
2008 11 207 200

Enjoying RSGB CC for Norfolk Amateur Radio Club this year , still not got any CW contacts but 3 countries on RTTY ! as of 20/4/7, Using Inverted V 132ft dipole at 40ft for RSGB CC, N1MM logger with MMTTY engine, sitting in my car at my Local Football Ground. Looking forward to warmer evenings damn cold in the car.

200 Confirmed

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