Welcome to GB3TN Live video Stream
Commencement of service 07/04/1990
Tx &  Rx     Alford slots.   gain approx 6dB  - horizontal polarization
Antenna height  10m  AGL        (92m ASL)
Antenna feeders        LDF 450A.
Tx exciter    W & D  driving Mitsubish "brick" at approx 12W output from Filter.
Rx              W & D   commercial  receiver.
Testcard & caption generator .     Cropredy with PAL adaptor.
Bespoke  cmos logic contol.
Major upgrade       10/1991
New tower to increase antenna heights to  22m AGL    (104m  ASL)
Antenna Feeders replaced with      LDF 550A
4  sector antennas added  ((Swiss quads) giving 10dB Rx gain to increase Rx & combat CAA radar interference.
Logic upgraded to give DTMF control of antennas and other functions.
Analogue style electronic S.meter to display received signal level.
Complete re-housing into  19" rack.
Repeater in use pilot tone (20KHz @-10dBr)  added to Tx audio .
 1994 ?          Low level (-25dBc ) 6.5 MHz audio subcarrier to carry talkback added + 433.4MHz  FM Rx & ant.
1996 ?         10 GHz receiver gateway (omni slotted wavguide antenna) added
06/2000       Computer added to display photos and other info in an easily editable manner.
01/2002      1248 Mhz Receiver  replaced  with  custom modified  MPT 1392 unit
Failures :   2x Video switcher IC's - replaced 
Original Tx driver transistor failed after 1st  week (15/04/1990)- replaced with higher power component.
Rx antenna selector relay - box flooded  
The feed is from the QTH of G0LGJ in Dereham Norfolk.
You will Need JAVA enabled on your browser to watch the above.
QRZ on 433.400 and or 144.750 for talkback if in range also can be contacted on ECHOLINK node G0LGJ-L  121499 for talkback if required.
If you would like to watch this truly live instead of connecting to the net, then drop me a line. Also look at the coverage map and see if you are in the coverage area.

GB3TN is operated by the North Norfolk Repeater Group Donations to G0FVF (QTHR) The Group wish to thank all those who contributed designs components, materials and time, The Repeater Management Committee.