Echolink Information.

GB3AH-R (126469) Updated 15/12/2007   Find a Echolink user ?
Station consists of a Kenwood TM251-E connected to a X2000 antenna at 10M with 300mW this station then links to GB3AH via RF.
The interface is a ULI from WB2REM
Echolink for MAC users can be found here
Echolink for LINUX users can be found here
Echolink for Windows users can be found here
Basic Use RF users
All amateurs are able to use the echolink system, however you will need a source of (DTMF tones, mobile phone, DTMF mics, old telephone dialers).
Listen on 433.275Mhz or your local frequency.
To connect to another Echo Link Node, enter the node number with your touchtone pad.

Always listen to the RPT / Link  first and give priority to local RF users and mobiles first
To check link status 77
To disconnect, press #

Example of echolink RF connect
to give the status followed by or node number if known, 8946  as an example will connect to G0ANV's link MB7IGC in Cambridge  or 144800 would connect to the Kings Lynn Node the node numbers can be found at various sites on the internet.
Once connected you would call CQ or if you connected to a known station you would enjoy a QSO in the normal way.
Other options would be :-
00 Connect to random Node 
01 Connect to random Link station 
02 Connect to random conference server 
03 Connect to random PC user
001 Connect to Random Favourite Node
011 Connect to Random Favourite Link
021 Connect to Random Favourite conference
031 Connect to Random Favourite User

Once you have finished a QSO it is good practice to disconnect this can be done with the  # key.

Some Local Links

Node Number Owner Location
350389                  North Norfolk Conference  
294614 G6OHM-L Chatteris
3108 G8SAU-L Sheringham
8946 MB7IGC-L Cambridge
4261 MB7INN-L Sheringham
358183 MB7INZ-L Sheringham
222303 GB3PY-R Cambridge
216900 2E0AIV-L Cromer
144800 MB7IKL-L Kings Lynn
126469 GB3AH-R Dereham GB3AH

If connecting to a repeater be aware of timeouts and not to go into waffle mode :)